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Course Materials Management Program

Disruption is impacting the educational course content market. The efficacies of traditional textbooks are in question while new technology standards and course content options are taking hold. Meantime, the average institution is moving toward digital but still relies on an array of content types and wants to keep its options open.

The OPENVUE® platform helps streamline and balance the use of all content even during the migration to digital. OPENVUE® Platform as a Service (PaaS) separates the cost of content from the true costs of providing the course materials and related services to institutions and students.

What Does OPENVUE® Do?

OPENVUE® is a powerful, cloud-based platform that you use to get course materials at the right price, at the right time, to the right students. Plus, you get the right data and reporting. The OPENVUE® platform:
  1. Creates a master map of course to content relationships (with SIS integration)
  2. Provides top-notch service by:
    • Ensuring that materials are available when the course begins
    • Managing your supply chain (procure, secure, copy clear and payment processes)
    • Helping to define education content strategy by undertaking business process reengineering and change management as needed
  3. Produces a custom course materials list for each student (based on institution-supplied business rules) with the ability to opt out
  4. Tracks student purchasing and content adoption data, while providing early alerts to identify students who haven’t interacted with their course materials on or before the first day of class

Top benefits

  • It offers access to course content from within the learning environment.
  • It improves student engagement and course completion.
  • It integrates with campus systems for single sign-on (SSO).
  • It allows budgeting with fixed platform and support fees.
  • It provides analytics and reports to the institution.

Features include:

  • Offers delivery of traditional published content, disaggregated and OER content, physical materials and supplies, and e-resources
  • Opt-out option available
  • VitalSource Bookshelf and Redshelf compatible with Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) integration
  • Provides immediate access to digital materials
  • Single sign-on and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant
  • Varied student payment options, including financial aid, ecommerce and tuition-inclusive model
  • Mobile friendly
  • OPENVUE® is used to deliver the ALL IN MODEL (AIM)® All-Inclusive Access for your institution

OPENVUE® Offers Students:

  • Lowered costs of materials
  • A digital storefront where they can search for and buy the required course content in their preferred format
  • A uniform user experience regardless of the program they attend or the content they use, e.g. disaggregated or publisher content
  • The ability to use varied payment methods to purchase content

OPENVUE® Offers Administrators:

  • Predictable costs based on services used
  • Savings on staffing resources while providing data on student purchasers and content adoption
  • Use of different content formats, including OER, disaggregated course content, labs, high-value digital content or digital versions of a textbook with print-on-demand (POD) option
  • Accessible, affordable course content, including an opt-out solution
  • Integration with various types of LMS, giving students immediate access to course content, including specific pages, chapters or an entire e-textbook
  • Use of single sign-on (SSO) to allow users to employ one set of login credentials, streamlining access to and from the institution’s platform and the OPENVUE® digital storefront
  • Easy integration with LMS and SIS for handling financial aid, order uploads, material provisioning, etc.

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Lesson Learned

“With OPENVUE®, students are automatically opted into the course materials and receive a quick email that takes them to a cart that shows their required course materials and allows them to opt out if they so desire. They validate that these are the correct courses and then they are finished with the process. If it’s digital content, they obtain materials immediately.”

— Noah Lamb, Director of Student Account Services & Auxiliary Operations

Hodges University

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