Discovery of Course Materials

Discovery of Course Materials

The Internet has changed the game when it comes to content options and availability. Institutions have more content choices than ever before and finding and managing the right content can be overwhelming. We are here to help!

CURATE by Ed Map™ provides the expert support to discover fresh materials, navigate copyright licensing, and delivers on-time and relevant content.

How Does CURATE by Ed Map™ Work?

With your personal CURATE by Ed Map™ manager, we begin our three-step process:
  1. We work with you to gather the content requirements for your specific course.
  2. We search the internet and your school library for relevant resources that match content to your unique course requirements and learning objectives.
  3. We deliver annotated bibliographies of course materials with licensing information curated by a pool of professional librarians with their Masters in Library and Information Science. 

Get professionally matched content to your unique course requirements and learning outcomes with CURATE by Ed Map.

Top Benefits

  • Content directly aligned to learning outcomes
  • Access to a multiverse of course materials. Including OER
  • Content experts and time savings
  • Low or no-cost content choices

Features Include:

  • Annotated bibliographies from expert pool of MLS librarians
  • Content matched to learning outcomes
  • Content searched based on unique requirements; price, format and license type
  • Review of comprehensive and vetted course materials, including OER
  • Dedicated CURATE by Ed Map Manager
  • Initial consultation for timeline, unique institution goals
  • From project start, a three-week turnaround for up to 15 learning outcomes
  • Accessibility (ADA) pre-check*
  • Fulfillment through OPENVUE*

*Optional feature

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Lesson Learned

"Ed Map has proven to be an equally agile partner in our work together. They’ve jumped on the phone and scheduled conference calls with each of our stakeholders to get the big picture of what we are doing with content, the alternate formats we seek, and the highly granular content we need."

— Maura Devlin, Deputy Chief Learning Officer

The American Women’s College Bay Path University

Are You On Board with OER?

Want to demonstrate the benefits of OER to your administration? Need help powering up your team to take the next step? Be sure to get more information from Ed Map’s OER Booster Kit!

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