Finding the Fit That’s Right for You

Discovery of Course Materials

Consultative Services

Our skilled professionals match classroom content to your unique course requirements and learning objectives. Benefit from a multiverse of course materials, including OER.

Management of Course Materials

Management Platform

Our cloud-based platform gets your course materials at the right price, at the right time, to the right students — plus the right data and reporting.

Access of Course Materials

(AIM) All-Inclusive Access

Our platform and services pack powers an institution wide all-inclusive model that supports student success. Leverage savings up to 70% to provide day one access to affordable course materials for all students.

Institution and Student Success

We believe course materials need to be managed as a critical part of the teaching and learning environment. That’s why everything we do, from course content discovery, management and access, is geared toward providing your students with affordable and engaging course materials — on or before day one of class!

The traditional paradigm of costly textbooks written by faculty, produced by publishers and sold in campus bookstores is broken. The world of course materials is always evolving and has become increasingly complex. That’s why Ed Map’s solutions, working in harmony or independently, were created: to help you navigate the changing landscape of course materials every step of the way.


Ed Map offers a variety of services to meet every institution’s specific needs and goals. From institutional support led by an account success manager, to student support with our dedicated call center, to warehouse fulfillment as you make the transition from print to digital materials, our services have you covered.

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