OPENVUE Removes Barriers to Affordable Course Materials with Latest Inclusive Access Features

November 8, 2018

Ed Map, a content strategy and logistics company, is committed to bringing course materials back into the learning environment with inclusive access. Ed Map’s cloud-based platform, OPENVUE®, lowers the barriers to affordable content on or before day one of class. New features expand the flexibility, transparency, and customization already available to colleges and universities.

OPENVUE provides students access to learner-focused, up-to-date, and affordable course materials and supports a single point of management, and reporting for administrators. It is at the heart of the ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®, Ed Map’s inclusive access services and platform framework.

Kerry Pigman, Ed Map’s President, understands the importance of student access to content. “Students should never worry about their course materials,” said Kerry. “Our latest OPENVUE enhancements allow students direct access to all the content they need regardless of whether it’s fulfilled directly by the institution or provided by a publisher.”

The course materials landscape remains complex. Institutions often have partnerships with library services or agreements with publishers for course materials and may not need help providing students with access to them. However, reporting and managing materials that live outside the legacy bookstore ecosystem is often cumbersome and manual. Ed Map simplifies this process. Using OPENVUE, these materials can now be easily mapped to courses, managed, transacted, and reported on.

“Students having access to all course materials without leaving the learning environment simplifies the user experience and fosters success at the institutional level,” said Sarah Riddlebarger, Chief Operating Officer at Ed Map. “These newest OPENVUE features significantly reduce the level of effort it takes for the institution to manage an inclusive access program.”

“With our OPENVUE platform, All-In-Model (AIM), and support services, we will continue to support institutions with their all-inclusive digital access initiatives,” said Kerry.

Through its people and technology, Ed Map enhances the discovery, management, and access to quality and engaging course materials. We help institutions lower the cost of education and improve outcomes with CURATE by Ed Map™, OPENVUE®, and the All In Model (AIM)®.


Mark Christensen

Senior Director of Marketing

Mark Christensen has worked in K–12 and higher education in various roles throughout his career from teacher to administrator to ed-tech marketing communications. He currently works with Ed Map, helping institutions navigate today’s dynamic and changing content landscape. He holds his MBA in Marketing from Rivier University and his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Technology from Plymouth State University/Argosy.

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