DISCOVERY: Provide Course Materials Regardless of Source with This One-Stop Shop Inclusive Access Tool

October 8, 2018

Conversations about providing students an affordable and quality education are all abuzz on your campus. Making the pivot to an inclusive access content strategy is appealing and achievable. You know your students have enough to worry about – getting access to course materials should never be on that list. You’re thinking, “YES! Let’s get started! We’re ready to do this!” Well, sort of.

Navigating the modern course materials landscape can be a bit tricky, and often raises questions like: “What if my institution gets course materials through library partnerships or publisher agreements? Can our students access that content regardless of where it comes from?”

To find out, I checked in with Josh Thompson, Ed Map’s Senior Director of Platform Operations. He’s a pro at knowing how OPENVUE®, our cloud-based platform, provides students access to affordable course materials without leaving their learning environment.

Let’s take a deep dive into how Ed Map can help you provide an affordable and quality education. It’s about bringing course materials back into the learning environment, so your students are prepared on or before day one of class.

OPENVUE provides students access to learner-focused, up-to-date, affordable content. OPENVUE also supports a single point of management and reporting for administrators. This is the heart of our ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®, an inclusive access services and platform framework.

The modern course materials landscape is complex. Institutions often have partnerships with library services or agreements with publishers for course materials and may not need help providing student access to them. However, reporting on and managing materials from multiple vendors or publishers – some of which may live outside the legacy bookstore ecosystem – is often cumbersome and manual.

Ed Map simplifies this process.

Accurate Reporting

Using OPENVUE, content can be easily mapped to courses, managed, transacted, and reported on. Regardless of whether the course materials are fulfilled directly by the institution or provided by a publisher, students have all their course materials in one spot. And institutions have access to accurate, streamlined reporting. It’s a one-stop shop for students and administrators.

Simplifies the User Experience

Lowering the barrier to course materials is critical to getting students access to all course materials within their learning environment. This simplifies their user experience, while also fostering success at the institutional level. OPENVUE significantly reduces an institution’s effort to manage an inclusive access program.

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Mark Christensen

Senior Director of Marketing

Mark Christensen has worked in K–12 and higher education in various roles throughout his career from teacher to administrator to ed-tech marketing communications. He currently works with Ed Map, helping institutions navigate today’s dynamic and changing content landscape. He holds his MBA in Marketing from Rivier University and his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Technology from Plymouth State University/Argosy.

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