Strategic Planning

Helping You Go from Current State to Future State

Navigating the Digital Migration

The pivot to a digital course materials strategy for institutions can be scary, overwhelming and hard to do if the institution is entrenched in the old ways. The happy, positive experts at Ed Map care deeply about your school and your students’ success! We partner with you to bring affordable and engaging course materials to your students. It’s what we do.

Strategic Planning

Ed Map is your guide to successfully transitioning your campus from print to digital so your community can thrive in the digital world. Our content strategy consists of the following steps:

  • Working with you to devise and implement a course materials strategy to fulfill your institution’s goals
  • Studying your current course materials processes and workflows to identify gaps and inefficiencies
  • Providing a thorough review of your current selection, acquisition and distribution processes, staff and vendors
  • Helping you manage the relationships between content owners and institutional stakeholders
  • Helping you identify, segment and phase in student cohorts that are good candidates for digital and open resources
  • Offering training and educational hands-on workshops for your institution

The Benefits of Digital Materials

  • Reading analytics allow faculty to more easily identify and assist struggling students as well as evaluate the efficacy of learning materials
  • Working with digital materials strengthens students’ digital literacy, a vital skill today
  • Immediate access means that students can engage with course content on or before day one
  • Seamless integrations with institutions’ SIS, LMS, financial aid and business intelligence systems, expediting access to resources
  • Social engagement grows as students interact with faculty and peers via collaborative tools

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Our Business Model: Platform as a Service (PaaS)

To better align with the interests of our customers to keep course materials affordable, Ed Map has introduced a revolutionary new business model for distributing course materials. Rather than marking up the price of books and digital course materials, Ed Map now provides OPENVUE® Platform as a Service (PaaS), which separates the cost of content from the true costs of providing the course materials and related services to institutions and students.

Students win from lower costs of course materials. Institutions benefit from predictable costs based only on services used. Faculty maintains academic freedom while helping students save money. Everybody enjoys the efficiency of OPENVUE’s integration with campus systems for management, distribution, analytics and reporting.

Ready to Navigate the Changing Landscape of Course Materials?

Interested in a free on-campus professional development digital content strategy workshop? This is a great opportunity to bring your internal stakeholders together, learn and plan the first step in your pivot to a digital course materials strategy. Let’s chat and see what we can schedule.

And check out our solutions to see the ways we can package our technology and services to help institutions solve their challenges. Everything we do — from Discover (CURATE by Ed Map™), to Management (OPENVUE®), to Access (ALL IN MODEL® or AIM) — is geared toward ensuring that all students have access to affordable and engaging content on or before day one of class.