Solving the Affordability Dilemma

Students Should Never Worry About Course Materials

The traditional paradigm of costly textbooks sold in campus bookstores is broken. Students are in a tough spot — they can pay the high price, turn to the open market, or not buy at all. This dilemma puts students and your institution at risk.

The world of course materials is evolving and the days of high-priced content are over. Ed Map’s ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®  will ensure your students have affordable course materials on or before day one of class

An Inclusive Access Course Materials Strategy Adds Up

Bring course materials back into your learning environment where they belong with Ed Map’s all-inclusive digital access program.

With Ed Map, your students access affordable course materials directly from their learning environment with our cloud-based platform OPENVUE. It’s at the heart of our ALL IN MODEL (AIM)® the industry-leading inclusive access services and platform pack.

Now instead of your students paying high prices or not being prepared, course materials are accounted for in their tuition or class fees and delivered digitally — unless students opt for a low-cost print-on-demand companion — on or before the first day of class.

Your institution will see fewer students go without course materials, leading to improved learning outcomes, and increased class retention and graduation rates. Now that’s solving the course materials dilemma.

How much can students and institutions save with Ed Map’s ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®?View the infographic to see how our solution increases bookstore revenue, student access, and savings.

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Affordable Course Materials for Everyone

We think about the world a bit differently. At Ed Map, we believe that course materials should be managed as a critical part of the teaching and learning environment. We’re dedicated to bringing course materials back into the teaching and learning environment so students don’t need to worry about them on their own time, when they can afford it.

ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®, our services and platform pack, launches an all-inclusive digital access program at your higher education institution. 
  • Affordable course materials on or before the first day of class
  • Up to 70% savings for students
  • Freedom to select course materials
  • The absolute best prices from publishers
  • Content already accounted for in tuition or class fees
  • No mark-up on course materials

From Discover to Management to Access, our solutions are built for you. Work with us and find out how strategic consulting and services from a dedicated team of experts makes the difference.

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