Lowered Costs and Improved Outcomes

Strategic Planning

We partner with you to bring affordable, engaging course materials to your students. Let us guide you through a successful transition from print to digital so your community can thrive in the digital world.

Support Services

We help you navigate the changing landscape of course materials. Learn how our student support, institutional support and warehouse fulfillment services help you manage your course materials.

The Right Mix

We help stakeholders in higher education figure out the right mix of course materials from a variety of sources and in an array of formats. Like education, course materials are not “one-size-fits-all.”


The days of high-priced content are over. But how does an institution ensure that every student has access to affordable course materials? The answer Is Ed Map’s ALL IN MODEL (AIM)®.

Our Vision for the Future of Course Materials

Ed Map ensures that our strategy, products and services match — and anticipate — changing market needs. We believe that course materials will soon be primarily digital, mostly integrated into the course, reasonably priced, tightly aligned with learning objectives, and will support teaching and learning. Toward this end, we offer solutions to support campuses as they evolve from their current use of course materials to this future state.

We are on a mission to bring effective learning content — not dependent on the traditional textbook — into the classroom through a blend of solutions and services. It’s about bringing back course materials into the teaching and learning environment, rather than having it be something that your student needs to worry about on their own.

Advantages of Digital Course Materials

When you select from a multiverse of course material options, including eBooks, open education resources (OER) and disaggregated digital content, you gain the following advantages:

  • Instant access in a digital world (students get what they need, when they need it)
  • Engaging content that supports different learning styles
  • Elimination of costs that don’t provide value, such as warehousing and shipping
  • Availability of school-provided content to help at-risk students who may have been “lost” in the old model if they were unable to afford textbooks
  • Insight into what works for students via analytics; e.g., if you’re using an expensive resource that students aren’t buying yet they’re passing the course, is it really needed?
  • Focus on outcomes-based course design/backwards design
  • Affordable materials with up to 70% savings

Helping You Get from Here to There

How do you chart the course from here to there? Ed Map helps you navigate the changing landscape of course materials with our industry-leading solutions and services. It’s a winning combo for you.

From Discover (CURATE by Ed Map™), to Management (OPENVUE®), to Access (ALL IN MODEL® or AIM), our solutions are built for you. Our dedicated team of experts understands your needs and provides strategic consulting and services to ensure that all students have access to affordable, engaging content on or before day one of class.

We can get your institution from current state to future state to support your institution’s specific needs and goals. No other company can offer this combination.