Helping YouNavigate the Changing Landscape of Course Materials

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The World Has Changed

It’s Time to Catch Up

The traditional paradigm of costly textbooks written by faculty, produced by publishers and sold in campus bookstores is broken.

Higher ed institutions use Ed Map solutions independently or in harmony to offer affordable and engaging course materials to your students.

Take the first step on the path to their success and yours.

Discovery of Course Materials

Consultative Services

Our skilled professionals match classroom content to your unique course requirements and learning objectives. Benefit from a multiverse of course materials, including OER.
Management of Course Materials

Management Platform

Our cloud-based platform gets your course materials at the right price, at the right time, to the right students — plus the right data and reporting.
Access of Course Materials

(AIM) All-Inclusive Access

Our platform and services pack powers an institution wide all-inclusive model that supports student success. Leverage savings up to 70% to provide day one access to affordable course materials for all students.

Ready to See
How It Works?

Provide affordable course materials to everyone by launching our all-inclusive digital access program at your institution.
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Ed Map Helps You Earn
Top Grades

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You can partner with our experts to bring affordable, engaging course materials to your students
You can solve the problem of students not buying materials because they're too expensive
You can ensure your students have what they need on or before the first day of class
You can leverage a multiverse of course materials options to create a content strategy that's right for you
You can count on our dedicated customer service every step of the way

Control Your Course Materials Strategy
Reduce Costs & Improve Outcomes

52 Percent

52% of higher ed students are digital natives who prefer digital course content

70 Percent

Up to 70% savings for digital materials versus new, printed textbooks

93 Percent

93% of faculty think students would receive higher grades with the required course materials

Increasing the Value
Of Educational Content

Ed Map’s people and technology enhance the discovery, management, and access to engaging and affordable course materials.

We help you bring course materials back into the teaching and learning environment. Where they belong. With lower administrative costs, real-time data reporting, and content aligned with learning objectives, it just makes sense.

Plus, offering your student’s course materials, on or before day one of class will support their success. And yours!

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Ed Map Supports
Your Success

Navigating the changing landscape of course materials can be a bit bumpy. That’s why we’re here to help find the fit that’s right for you. Ed Map offers user-friendly software, expert strategic consulting, professional services, and 24/7 support.

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